We are excited to announce new additions to our Oak HC/FT family with the arrival of Charlotte Smith as Healthcare Senior Associate, Alana Bremner as Director of Marketing and Communications, Stephen Dierks as Associate Director of Talent, and Olga Malyshka as Director of Finance. These four new team members bring fantastic experience and join Oak HC/FT at an instrumental time as we pursue new investments and drive success with our portfolio companies.

Charlotte Smith joins our Healthcare team with terrific perspective as both a prior venture investor and company founder. Earlier in her career, Charlotte founded eir.health, a LGBTQ+ healthcare…

By Andrew Adams, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Oak HC/FT

In November, Paladina Health, Activate Healthcare and Healthstat went to market under one name: Everside Health. Everside Health CEO Chris Miller sat down with Oak HC/FT Co-Founder & Managing Partner Andrew Adams to discuss the evolution of Everside Health and the future of primary care.

What are Everside Health’s key focus areas after combining the Paladina Health, Activate Healthcare and Healthstat organizations?

Our first focus area was the overall integration of the three legacy brands. Each organization brought a different skill set to the table, and we worked to utilize each one of these when building Everside Health. Activate Healthcare brings expertise with unions and Taft-Hartley organizations, Healthstat…

2021 is shaping up to be a big year for Oak HC/FT. Fast on the heels of closing our fourth and largest fund, we’re excited to celebrate the promotion of Billy Deitch to Partner and the additions of Tess Munsie and Chelsea Chen to our growing team.

Since joining Oak HC/FT in 2018, Billy has played an integral role on the Healthcare team. Billy has been at the forefront of our investments in Cerebral and Olive, and also worked closely with the teams at Brightline, OODA Health, Everside Health and DispatchHealth. …

Looking back on an exceptionally challenging year, we are proud of how quickly and decisively our companies answered the call to adapt — delivering healthcare and financial services to individuals, families, and communities at their times of greatest need. Having worked in venture capital for as long as we have, we know that it is often the moments of greatest adversity that force us to perform at our very best.

The entrepreneurs, executives, and employees across our portfolio companies have done just that and that’s why we are excited to announce that we have recently closed our fourth fund. Adding…

By Leah Scanlan

The rollout of Covid-19 vaccinations has prompted many American businesses to start developing plans to return workers to the office. But not all businesses. In the world of tech, where the virus sparked a flight of employees and companies from the industry’s power enclaves in the Bay Area and New York, companies are debating not so much when, but whether a great return is in the offing.

As early as last May, Twitter took the bold step of telling workers they can keep working from home permanently if they wish, and a number of smaller tech companies…

Welcoming Josh Jackson and Ben Schachtel to Oak HC/FT

By Leah Scanlan, Partner, Talent, Oak HC/FT

We are excited to announce that Josh Jackson and Ben Schachtel have recently joined our talent team, where they will be instrumental in working closely with our portfolio companies and continuing to strengthen Oak HC/FT’s commitment to talent.

Josh joins us from Daversa Partners, one of today’s top executive search firms, where he spent the last 4.5 years building high-performance executive management teams across some of the most successful technology companies with a specific focus on healthcare. Throughout his tenure at Daversa Partners, Josh partnered with leading healthcare organizations from AmericanWell and Bright…

By Annie Lamont, Andrew Adams, and Tricia Kemp

While 2020 has been a trying year, we take pride in all that we were able to accomplish within our firm and across our portfolio. This would not have been possible without our team, who navigated through turbulent waters with our entrepreneurs, while continuing to identify great companies meeting the biggest challenges in Healthcare and FinTech.

We’re proud to recognize this inspiring work with the promotions of Andy Smith to Vice President, Eliza Adams to Senior Associate, and Sophia Samutin to Associate. …

By Billy Deitch, Principal, Oak HC/FT

Following Cerebral’s $35M Series A, Principal Billy Deitch sat down with Cerebral Co-Founder & CEO Kyle Robertson to discuss shifts in mental healthcare and what’s next for the company. Kyle founded Cerebral, an online mental health platform, to offer high-quality, comprehensive care and medication management for depression and anxiety.

What’s the mission of Cerebral?

We are really all about our mission. Specifically, that is improving access to high-quality mental health care, and we’re doing that by building a comprehensive virtual counseling and medication management model.

My personal experiences with mental health are what led…

By Billy Deitch, Principal, Oak HC/FT

When we partnered with Naomi Allen and Giovanni Collela last year to form Brightline¹, we recognized that by providing care to children struggling with their mental health, the company was filling a significant gap in our healthcare system. From our work with them in the past, we knew how much talent, energy, and passion these two proven entrepreneurs brought with them. And we were instant believers in their vision to build a company that would provide uncommon support for challenges that had become all too common for families everywhere.

However, like everyone else on…

By Andrew Adams, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Oak HC/FT

What was the genesis of DispatchHealth?

Medical challenges I experienced with senior members of my own family led me to question our approach to geriatric acute care. That was when I began pouring through the literature around geriatric acute care, and I stumbled upon the work of Dr. Bruce Leff, who described a home hospitalization model that’s commonplace in other countries. His studies showed that home hospitalization demonstrated superior clinical efficacy, compared with a similar care model delivered in the hospital.

Dr. Leff has since become an advisor to DispatchHealth. His…


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